Atal Beemit Vykti Kalyan Yojana


Atal Beemit Vykti Kalyan Yojana:Here we will discuss the Atal Bimit Yojana meaning. We know that the ESIC began this particular yojana for all unemployed workers or employees who lose their job during the pandemic. Every worker or employee working in an organized sector below the Atal Bimit Vyakti Kalyan Yojana should get financial help for twenty-four months through ESIC during the pandemic time. So, this scheme is available to those employees who work below this particular scheme. Let’s inform you that the total financial help will be given to them by their salary procedure. Here in this article, we will describe to you all the information related to this article. All financial or monetary help from the ESIC has been sent directly to your bank accounts. So, everyone needs to maintain a bank account.

Details Of Atal Beemit Vykti Kalyan Yojana:

Name of the Scheme Atal Beemit Vykti Kalyan Yojana
Started by Employee’s State Insurance Corporation (ESIC)

BeneficiariesUnemployed worker or employee’s
Main Objective
Provide financial help to all unemployed worker’s and employee’s

Official Website
Employees’ State Insurance Corporation, Ministry of Labour & Employment, Government of India (
The scheme is available or not?

Atal Bimit Vyakti Kalyan Yojana: Objective

Here we will discuss the main objective behind Atal Bimit Vyakti Kalyan Scheme. Let’s inform you that this scheme has started to give financial help to all unemployed workers and employees who work in the organized sector and become unemployed due to this pandemic situation. From this new scheme or yojana, every worker or employee’s financial condition will improve as the ESIC ran this scheme. So, from this scheme, every employee or worker can find their jobs according to their ability. With this newly launched unemployed scheme by ESIC, every applicant or candidate could support his or her family.

New Rules During COVID-19

As we all know, ESIC has begun this Atal Bimit Vyakti Kalyan Yojana to benefit or provide financial help to all unemployed workers or employees who recently lost their job during this pandemic. Before the CORONA subsidy was provided to all, it was 25% of the first salary, which now increased to 50% of the salary. Before COVID, the salary is given to all employees within 90 days. After leaving the job, which decreased to 30 days. Previously, this salary was come to the old worker and went from the employer to the worker. Now, ESIC directly transferred every worker or employee salary to their bank accounts through DBT mode. Let’s inform you that all of these changes would happen because of this COVID-19 in our country. Due to this harmful virus, many people lost their jobs and faced many troubles in their lives.

Benefits and Features

Here we will discuss the various benefits and features related to the Atal Bimit Vyakti Kalyan Yojana 2021. The steps are as follows:

  • In this Atal Bimit Vyakti Kalyan Yojana, all beneficiaries will get financial help who has become unemployed during a pandemic situation.
  • This particular yojana will run by the ESIC (Employees State Insurance Corporation).
  • Let’s inform you that every organized sector worker or employee comes below Atal Bimit Vyakti Kalyan Yojana.
  • The advantage of this particular scheme or yojana should be available only at once from the employees.
  • If unfortunately, any employee or worker has dismissed from the company, they cannot avail of the advantage of this particular scheme or yojana.
  • ESIC provides financial help to those unemployed persons, and it will directly transfer to their bank accounts through DBT mode.
  • To benefit from this scheme, all eligible applicants or employees need to be sick for around two years.
  • Now, ESIC would also gain the paid expense on the insured person’s death to Rs.15000 from the Rs.10,000.
  • In this ESIC Atal Bimit Vyakti Kalyan Yojana, the claim period should decrease from 90 days to 30 days.
  • In this unemployment time, previously 25% of the financial aid salary will be given to employees, increasing to 50%.
  • Let’s inform you all that there are around nearly 35 lakh employees who will be able to get the benefit from this yojana.
  • If any employee or worker wants to take retirement, they will not be able to benefit from this Atal Bimit Vyakti Kalyan Yojana.

Atal Bimit Vyakti Kalyan Yojana: Eligibility Conditions.

  • To apply for this Yojana, an employee or worker needs to be unemployed.
  • An insured worker should have insurable employment for an around the minimum time of two years.
  • During the previous four periods, the insured worker would not have been contributing lower than 78 days.
  • This particular contribution should be made or get payable or paid by the employer.
  • The probability of unemployment cannot result in misguide, verbosity, or any penalty for voluntary retirement. 
  • Every applicant, employee, or worker needs to get linked their Aadhaar Card to Bank Account.
  • If there is only one IP that is doing work for more than two or one employers and comes below ESIC yojana, they will treat the unemployed only while on the other hand, they are unemployed and all employers. 
  • In this Yojana, it is important to note that any worker would not take advantage of this particular act or Yojana.
  • Let’s inform you all that the particular IP has been eligible for all medical advantages, as provided below the ESIC Act.

Important Documents

Here we discuss the important documents that we need while applying for the particular ESIC Scheme. The required documents are as follows:

  • Applicant Aadhar Card
  • Proof of Company Employee
  • Applicant PAN Card
  • Proof of an employee working in an organized sector
  • Applicant Voter ID Card
  • Bank Account linked with Aadhaar Card
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Helpline Contact Details

With this article’s help, we give you every detail about the Atal Bimit Vyakti Kalyan Yojana. If anyone of you still faces some troubles, you may solve all your queries by contacting us on the given toll-free numbers or E-mail. These given as follows:

Toll-Free Contact Number: 1800112526

E-mail ID:

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